Helping with Homework

These days schools burden students with a lot of homework which they need to tackle. Already they are taught so many things in school and they have to learn many more things at home. Sometimes it gets bit too much for the kid. Homework in some ways is essential too, but schools must understand that giving a lot of homework affects the child; as he always remains burdened with homework and gets little time to play. Apart from this if he does not complete his homework on time the teachers scold him and even mete out punishments. So, in a way homework becomes a torture for kids. Parents need to help their children in doing the homework properly.

Here are some tips for parents on how to help the child:
  • Check their diaries for homework and inform the class teacher if the homework is too much for the child to understand or complete in a single day.
  • Set a permanent time-table for studying at home which should not be changed over minor reasons.
  • Sit with your child and make him understand every question and answer and and not let him just mug it up. Help him in anyway you can.
  • If more information needs to be collected for some report or project help him find or think about various sources where he could get the requisite information. Let him be independent and go to those people or places himself and help him if it is beyond their reach.
  • Never grab the hand of your child and complete the homework. It is worse than not doing any homework.
  • Never get angry if he's unable to understand something. Keep your cool and give him time to understand.
  • There are some things taught in the class which are beyond the capability of the child to understand. In such cases don't force the child to mug up the thing. He'll understand it gradually..
  • Try to guide yourself than making him go to a tutor.
  • Never make a child go to a tutor unless it's absolutely necessary. And even if he had joined a tuition don't let him go there for completing the homework. Tuitions should be kept only to make the child understand the difficult part of his course, Otherwise it would make him dependent on the tutor and he/she would never be able to study himself.

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